Permission Marketing workshop for Pillar Nonprofit Network

I’m giving a workshop for Pillar Nonprofit Network on Permission Marketing in London, Ontario in April 2017. Learn more or register for this event here.

Event Description

How do you authentically, ethically and organically grow your organization’s tribe of supporters?

If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit, you know that you have people you want to communicate with. It could be the population you serve but it could also be your funders, partners, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and advocates. There’s so much you want to share with everyone: upcoming events, good news, success stories and maybe you also want to market new programs or ask for donations. But how do you get the message out so that people will really listen, sign up, attend or give?

Way back in 1999, marketing guru Seth Godin wrote a book called Permission Marketing, which outlined a revolutionary way to approach advertising: by building an engaged contact list. Although our world has changed drastically since then, the core principles of Permission Marketing – delivering anticipated, personal and relevant messages to people who actually want to get them – are just as important in today’s cluttered media environment, where everyone is interrupted 24/7 with unanticipated, impersonal messages that they don’t want.

This workshop outlines the best practices for building your organization’s contact list in an authentic and organic way, and includes a discussion of Canada’s privacy and anti-spam legislation.

You’ll also learn:

  • Which communications media to use for which audiences (snail mail, email, social media) – and the drawbacks of each
  • How to align your messages with your organization’s strategic or communications plans
  • Content creation – how to collect and share meaningful content that will increase email open rates and social media sharing
  • What to avoid in your nonprofit newsletters or social media
  • How to write compelling subject lines…  and the dangers of “clickbait”
  • How to truly engage your audience – how to invite and respond to audience feedback

Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Target Audience: Executive Directors, board members, volunteers, staff and anyone involved in marketing and communications