mom entrepreneurs

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One of my favourite specialties is coaching mom entrepreneurs in marketing and e-marketing. Many moms live their values by choosing to work from home or create a business that helps them find a better work-life balance for their families.

I love supporting women entrepreneurs, and can provide you with the tools, resources and services you need to connect with the people who love what you do and want to pay you for it – whether your goal is a few extra hundred dollars per month, or a six-figure income.

If your business depends on a local clientele (meaning that they need to come to you or you need to go to them), or if you can “ship” what you do around the world through e-commerce, I can help you identify your brand, leverage your expertise, tell your story well, engage with the tribes of passionate people who love what you do, and satisfy their needs.

Thinking of a website? A blog? A Facebook page? Using Instagram for marketing? A monetized YouTube channel? An online store? Writing e-books? Those are just some of the options available to us in our connected world, and I can coach you through strategizing, planning, and implementing your marketing with any of them.

My affordable coaching packages start at $150 for a self-directed marketing and branding strategy, and I also have monthly and quarterly coaching packages available.

Contact me today for a free introductory consultation to discuss your needs.