Welcome! My name is Michelle Lynne Goodfellow. I help solopreneurs and nonprofits tell their story well, connect with tribes of passionate people who love what they do, and increase their revenue or their reach.

Specialties: Communications, copywriting and editing, illustration and desktop publishing, marketing, public relations, stakeholder relations, fundraising, policies and procedures development, strategic planning, board governance, project management, corporate training, and group facilitation.

My avid volunteering has included poverty advocacy, homeless prevention, anti-oppression work, and arts and culture.

If you’re interested in learning more about me, you might want to browse through some of my other online projects, below.

Below are some other places to find  me online.

My creative website

I have a website for my creative projects. You can find it here.

My Instagram

I’m @emelgy on Instagram.

Fit is a Feminist Issue

I’m a guest blogger on my friend Samantha’s blog, which is about feminist approaches to fitness, body image, and wellness. I’ve written about why I love the martial art of aikido so muchhow martial arts helped me after my breast cancer diagnosiswhy I was happy to have a double mastectomy without reconstruction, and how aikido helped me with stress, as well as many other topics.

My Cowbird stories

Cowbird.com is an amazing website created by Jonathan Harris. I was invited to join the Cowbird community in late 2011, and published tiny short “story bits” (they’re not really proper stories, more like pieces of stories).